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Review of The Transporter: New York City

Taxi Driver is one of Robert DeNiro’s best films since Casino. Suffering from writer’s block, DeNiro trades tales with an unhinged John Ellis, who owns a taxi company and longs for acceptance and recognition from his superiors. Desperate for acceptance and fame, Ellis orders a hit on President Reagan. But when the assassination attempt hits close to home, the president’s protective forces secure him in their hotel room, where a vicious killing rage rages throughout. When the dust settles, Travis Bickle (Robert DeNiro) is found dead in the morgue… Don’t overlook ones an opportunity to enjoy on the webpage kasyno online darmowa kasa na start. You’re going to be satisfied!

As a taxi driver for the year, Travis Bickle experiences a range of weird and wonderful events that combine to create one of the more memorable films of all time. Incorporating elements of horror, comedy, and romance throughout the film, Taxi Driver serves as both a coming-of-age story and a soap opera parlor. With a cast that includes the great Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, and Christopher Scarfe, it’s no surprise that this film has become a cult comedy classic. Depicted as the quintessential “bad boy,” Travis Bickle constantly torries between life and death…

The movie begins in New York City, where Travis is seen smoking in a store while receiving oral sex from a pimp named Hermann. Moments later, Hermann is killed in a shoot-out led by cops. At first, Travis assumes he’s killed and flees the scene, but a mysterious stranger offers to help him escape, vowing to help find the killer. While driving through a particularly nasty part of town, they encounter Hermann’s widow, a Vietnamese girl named Le Duc Thao.

With the threat of her own prostitution ring threatening her life, Le Duc is forced to flee to Los Angeles with Travis, who is itching to get out into the world and start a new life. Hoping to find fame and fortune in the new country, she agrees to help a taxi driver named Frank Sinatra picks up a group of Chinese immigrants. Once arriving in New York City, Sinatra immediately falls in love with Le Duc, but things take an odd turn when they are approached by a mysterious girl named Wendy, who is there on business. After initially feeling trapped by their initial bad experiences, the two finally fall in love and marry in the New York City wedding gown of Frank Sinatra.

However, the happily-ever-after-ending is short-lived because soon, Sinatra finds out that the group transporting him and Wendy is being held in a prison camp for the war protesters against Vietnam War demonstrations. Escaping, he flees to his old friend, former college football coach, Charles Bronson, and they form The Black Cat Society. There, he meets a number of other aspiring athletes, including former NFL running back, John Macnamon, who is crazy about the sport. Enlisting John as a trainer, the group begins training under the guidance of Bronson’s friend, actor, Peter Benchley, who will later play quarterback for the University of Alabama, where he will become the face of the Crimson Tide. Meanwhile, Le Duc continues to run away from the clutches of the evil boss of The Black Cat Society and the police who want to arrest her for prostitution.

The movie ends with a thrilling car chase scene where the group escapes the police and fights off several cops. But the chase is brief, as the police pursue after them. Eventually catching up to Le Duc and her friends, the group manages to escape yet again, only to be holed up in a warehouse with a sniper gun shooting at them from multiple positions. With help from John Macnamon (who has returned after serving time in the army) and FBI agent, the group manages to get out of the warehouse, but the police have already surrounded the area.

When Le Duc and her friends are about to be executed by sniper fire from inside the warehouse, John Macnamon appears from nowhere, kills the sniper and rescues his friends with a shotgun blast to the head that misses Le Duc completely. Now, the movie flashes back to the actual incident. John Macnamon drives his new BMW xD through the backyards of the police station where he and his friend are being held, past a heavily guarded gate where he kills a number of guards, rescues Le Duc, and runs into the nightclub where the police are holding the prisoners. Inside the nightclub, Macnamon encounters Cottonmouth, who then walks up to Cottonmouth and tells him that he needs help because he’s about to execute an innocent woman. In exchange for sparing Cottonmouth’s life, Macnamon agrees to help by going to the funeral to collect his friend’s body.

So, the conclusion to The Transporter is as near-perfect as possible. We get to follow the protagonist’s character through all of the actions he takes throughout the film. We see his interactions with his friends, his boss, his girlfriend, his cousin, his boss’ son, a girl he kisses, and even some members of the local transporters’ union. All of this is wrapped up nicely with a thrilling car chase sequence and a final showdown between the hero and the bad guy that, for the time being, seems to seal the deal. Although some elements of the story could use some fine-tuning, such as the final confrontation between Macnamon and Cottonmouth, The Transporter: New York City is a refreshing look at the life of a professional driver.

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